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Conventional powerlifting knee sleeves Vs Sumo Deadlift


After I got my hands on a couple of issues of Strength & Health, I became intrigued with the three Olympic lists and changed my program around to give them priority. Still, the back squat and deadlift remained cornerstones in my routines. But when I got out of the service and enrolled at Southern Methodist University and started training with Sid Henry at the Dallas YMCA, I followed the routines he laid out for me . What about the one where you hold the bar behind your body and perform the deadlift?

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  • Lean forward where you would normally grab the bar and try to get yourself into an anterior pelvic tilt.
  • There are many great ways to train for a world-class deadlift.
  • In sumo lifts, your hands grip the bar between your feet, with your elbows almost brushing against the inside of your knees when you go down.
  • As a general heuristic, the best place to start is simply by performing a vertical jump, and noting what stance you naturally gravitate toward .

Anything will do as long as it doesn’t restrict movement or creates bumps that get caught by the bar. A bar with aggressive knurling scraped my right shin. The next morning my leg hurt – the wound was black. I ended up in the hospital to clean it out and get anti-infectives plus a tetanus shot. It should have the same curve as when you stand. It should feel comfortable and not squeeze your discs.

Trap Bar Deadlift Vs Squat

If you don’t yet have one, a good place to start is with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width. Neither group experienced any muscle growth in their hamstrings, which goes to show that the hamstrings isn’t really involved in barbell squatting. Significantly greater muscle growth in the glutes and adductors from deep (140°) squats compared to half squats (90°).

Military Press

Pause slightly to avoid any bounce , then powerlifting knee sleeves reverse the movement with control and return the weight to the start position. Can be performed with a rope, straight bar, or v-/ez-bar handle attachment. With a barbell fixed in a low position in a squat rack, hang underneath the bar with your feet on the floor and your hands spaced bench press-width apart.

At Westside Barbell, the sumo deadlift is taught using a chair variation that makes it easier to get the hang of, and I like this cue. The deeper starting position is exactly what makes this a great deadlift for your glutes. Because of the deep or low starting position of this exercise, your glutes will have to work extra hard to get the bar moving from the ground and to perform the hip-hinge movement.

The patella, the knobby little bone at the front of your knee, improves the quads’ leverage to pull against the tibia to cause knee extension. Between each pair of vertebrae is a disc that cushions the spine. These discs hold up really well to compressive forces . As long as your spine doesn’t flex too much, it should be able to tolerate the loads placed on it in the deadlift without issue if you don’t have pre-existing back issues.

It has excellent carry over to athletic movements since sports require weight transfer and distribution from one leg to the other. That said, because sumo deadlifts allow you to maintain a more upright torso, the risk of back injury may be lower than for conventional stance deadlifts. Of course, that’s assuming that your technique is perfect for both lifts. A poorly performed sumo deadlift is riskier than a well-performed conventional deadlift.

It also wins 2) for its longer range of motion. The sumo comes out on top for 3) purely because of its shorter range of motion, thus allowing more weight to be handled. The barbell specialist Mark Rippetoe identifies three criteria in order of importance that assess how effective a lift is in getting you stronger overall in the long run. Keeping your torso upright with a neutral spine, squat down to grab the bar towards the center of your legs.

While this idea is simple to understand, it’s application is anything but obvious and straightforward, especially for sports. Take, for example, a football offensive lineman, for whom pushing a sled is clearly more similar to the sport than a bench press; this concept is a bit more difficult to see within such a context. Ilya Ilyin, one of the greatest weightlifters of all-time, shared a story about his start in weightlifting at a seminar I was able to attend.

Learning how to do squats properly for a bigger bum is not only about how to do the exercise, but also knowing what not to do. Here are my top 3 mistakes you should avoid at all costs. So lets first go over some common mistakes you might be making so we can quickly correct them if needed. The following tips will help target your glutes better and increase glute activation.